Crisis Zone

Mission Possible…

In 2000, the Garland Corporation opens a new complex known as "Garland Square" on the outskirts of London. A day before its grand opening, however, the entire complex is taken over by the United Resistance Defense Army. The terrorists have taken no hostages and made no demands upon takeover, causing a string of confusion among intelligence officials around the world.

  • 1999
  • Namco
  • 1 Player
  • Gun Game
Adam Uppahad holds the official record for the fastest completion of this game with a time of 16:15.000 on April 1, 2000.


In Crisis Zone, the player controls the elite anti-terrorist Special Tactics Force (S.T.F.) leader, Claude McGarren. The game uses the same pedal system to reload and hide; however, the player uses a machine gun, a customized Steyr Mannlicher TMP with a sight laser and a capacity of 40 rounds. Players take cover behind a portable ballistic shield that is strapped to the character's left arm.

How to Play

The gameplay is similar to Time Crisis in which you step on the "action pedal" to fire, and you release it to reload and hide from enemy fire, but this time, you are equipped with a submachine gun. The enemies are now stronger as well, as they are now wearing body armour. They have a meter above their head which shows their armour strength, and when it is empty, after taking many hits, they die.

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