Cruisin’ World



Racing around the world!

The world tour will take you around the world and back. There are on over four different continents. Go full speed in locations such as New York City, Hawaii, Japan, Russia, China, Africa, Australia, and more.

  • 4 Player
  • Racing
Holding down the different View buttons allows you to choose alternate vehicles, or change the colour of the vehicle you have chosen. Make sure to make your choice before the timer runs out.


Fans of the previous game will enjoy what this game has to offer. Secret cars and tracks can be unlocked using the various view buttons.

How to Play

This game introduced stunts to the Cruis'n series. Stunts are used to dodge obstacles, take close curves and so. If the stunt makes the vehicle fly in the air, the game gives the player extra seconds of time. The game also uses small rocket boosts to speed up.

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