Indy 500

World's fastest racing battle ever!

Choose any course of various difficulty and race a set amount of laps before time runs out.

  • 1995
  • Sega
  • 8 Players
  • Racing
Reportedly a Sega Saturn version of Indy 500 was once planned. It is not thought to have progressed very far before being scrapped.


Players can race one of three courses: Highland Raceway, Indianapolis 500, and Bayside Street. A disclaimer appears at the start of the game notifying players that Highland Raceway and Bay Side Street are fictional courses and are not affiliated with Indy. However, the two courses resemble Laguna Seca and Long Beach/Surfers Paradise respectively.

How to Play

Players can choose either automatic or manual transmission and switch between three different camera viewpoints while driving. The game is notable for simulating real world racing mechanics like drafting and tire wear. As the tires on the car wear down, the vehicle's grip decreases and it becomes more prone to sliding out of control. This can be remedied by driving through the pit lane on each track.

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