Juno First

The last battle - transcending time and space - determines the fate of our Earth!!

Waves of aliens are trying to destroy your fighter craft. Aliens mutate into more dangerous forms the longer they survive, so they should be killed as quickly as possible.

  • 1983
  • Sony Entertainment Japan
  • 2 Players
  • Shooter
To jumpstart your score, avoid shooting anything until the asteroid appears usually about 15 to 20 seconds into each wave. Since aliens get more hostile over time, this only works well for the first few non-formation waves.


Juno First presents a set number of enemies per level, but they do not make a gallery formation. Instead, the player's ship can move forward and backward (in addition to left and right) to hunt enemies in an orientation that is vertical, but has some horizon-oriented tilt.

How to Play

The player destroys waves of enemies to finish levels. Starting formations vary from stage to stage. In addition, the player can pick up a humanoid, upon which the screen will have a red tint. While this happens, every enemy the player shoots will earn the player 200 more points than the previous enemy destroyed. The original score for shooting an enemy while in humanoid mode depends on the stage.

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