Out Run 2 SP

The ride of your life

OutRun 2 (アウトラン2), usually stylised as OutRun2, is a 2003 racing game released by Sega. Although this is the first "official" sequel to Out Run, it is the fourth title in the OutRun series. In 2004, Sega released an upgrade to the OutRun 2 arcade game, titled OutRun 2 SP. The upgrade added 15 all-new courses which are predominantly based around a New World theme.

  • 2004
  • Sega
  • 2 Players
  • Racing


OutRun 2 stays true to the race format laid down by the 1986 original, in which the player goes behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari sports car with a young lady in the passenger seat through 5 of 15 stages. As before, the player can choose their course and the soundtrack.

How to Play

OutRun Race is basically the same as the original game: the player drives through 5 of 15 stages, selecting the next course via forks on the road. As before, there is a time limit which is extended when the player goes through checkpoints.

Heart Attack Mode is OutRun Mode with a twist. As well as driving the open-ended course to the time limit, the passenger will frequently request certain stunts and actions.

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