QUARTET is engaged in another of their many fierce battles.

Human characters collect guns and power-ups to destroy a variety of robots in a space base. Defeat the boss character and collect the key to unlock the base's door and move on to the next level. Up to four people may join in on the fun.

  • 4 Player
  • Shooter
Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Sega Game Music Vol.2 - 28XA-108) on 25/02/1987


Players control either Joe (yellow), Mary (red), Lee (blue) or Edgar (green) across a number of sideways-scrolling levels. The object of the game is to advance through the level, fighting opponents that come out of portals in the walls, and eventually defeat a boss that carries the door key used to open the "exit door" for the level.

How to Play

Players can find various power-ups during play, such as a jet pack that allowed characters to stay airborne, springs to jump higher, speed boots, and point bonuses. Each character has a separate characteristic weapon type, which can be upgraded by picking up a coloured bouncing orb that bounced across the screen occasionally. Picking up the orb when it is a player's colour gives a weapon power up, while picking up the orb when it is another player's color gives a point bonus (but deprives the other player the chance to upgrade).

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