Truxton II



Be a King rather than Expert!

A 1992 sequel to Toaplan's popular shooter "Truxton"

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
As with many Toaplan games, the original Japanese version is harder than export versions.


The game is fundamentally very similar to the original, though the graphics and sound have improved substantially, and the pacing is a little faster, with automatic fire and other features typical of early 90s shoot-em-ups.

How to Play

There are power-ups to increase ship speed, add a smartbomb to your stock, and change/strengthen your current weapon: red fires bombs in a small area around your ship, similar to the red weapon from Robo Aleste; blue is a homing laser, similar to the blue weapon from the original Truxton; while green fires wide-reaching salvos of green shots and more or less replaces the red weapon from Truxton.

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