Caveman Ninja

Cavemen, dinosaurs, and plenty of laughs!

Caveman Ninja, also known as Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, is a delightful and humorous arcade platform game that takes players on a prehistoric adventure. Developed by Data East, Caveman Ninja offers a lighthearted and action-packed experience.


In Caveman Ninja, players assume the roles of Joe and Mac, two cavemen on a mission to rescue a group of captured cave-women from an evil tribe of Neanderthals. Armed with their trusty stone axes, Joe and Mac must traverse through various prehistoric landscapes, battling enemies and overcoming treacherous obstacles along the way.

The game features colourful and vibrant graphics, with detailed environments that bring the prehistoric world to life. Players will encounter a variety of dinosaur enemies, from rambunctious raptors to towering T-Rexes, each with their own unique attack patterns and behaviours. Defeating enemies and collecting power-ups grants Joe and Mac additional abilities, such as throwing projectiles or performing special attacks.

How to Play

Playing Caveman Ninja is simple and intuitive. Players control either Joe or Mac, navigating them through the levels using the joystick. The characters can run, jump, and attack with their stone axes to defeat enemies and break obstacles.

Throughout the game, players will encounter various types of enemies, including dinosaurs and Neanderthals. Defeating enemies rewards players with points and power-ups, which can enhance the cavemen's abilities and grant special attacks.

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