Arcade Club Bury

The original Arcade Club, bigger than ever. Three floors of gaming entertainment filled with classic and modern arcades and more. Hundreds of games, all free to play.

Essential Visitor Information

With fresh lockdown measures in place from Wednesday, Arcade Club is now closed until further notice.

Stay safe and be cool to one another. This too shall pass…

Best Wishes,

The Arcade Club Team

Arcade Club


  • Family Friendly
  • Classic & Modern Games
  • Bemani Battleground
  • Great Food & Drink
  • Monthly Pass Available
  • Free Parking

Important Visitor Information

Please review terms and safety conditions before travel.

Bury Opening Hours & Admission

Sun 11th Apr
12th Apr
13th Apr
14th Apr
Admission Adult Child Family
Thu/Fri £12.00 n/a n/a
Sat/Sun £16.00 £8.00 £40.00

Advance Booking Recommended !

Note: Adults only after 7pm Thu/Fri, 16+ when accompanied by an adult (18+). Children must be supervised at all times. Please check terms before travelling.

Europe’s Largest Video Arcade

We have carefully restored original machines from the dawn of arcade gaming – like Joust, Defender, Asteroids – and placed them right alongside modern classics like Sega Rally, Street Fighter IV, Outrun 2. Whether you remember hearing and seeing the greats when they were hot on the street, or it’s the first time you’re laying hands on these classics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Sensibly priced food and drink is available on all floors to keep everyone fuelled up. Best of all, once inside, all games are free-to-play.

Fun For All The Family

We’re proud of our family friendly atmosphere and enjoy sharing our unique collection of games with all ages. Sessions after 7pm Thu/Fri are for adults only, otherwise all areas of Arcade Club are open to all ages at a great price. You can save money with our fantastic value Family Pass or talk to us at the box office about a Monthly Pass for more regular visits. There’s hundreds of games and attractions, you’ll need to come back to try them all. 😉 Please check admission requirements prior to travel to avoid disappointment.

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Bemani Battleground

Rhythm games still dominate the arcade scene in Japan and we’re happy to provide access to a collection of great titles throughout the venue, including modern and classic Dance Dance Revolution, Pop’n Music and Taiko: Drum Master. Fun for everyone but quickly becomes a spectator sport when the pros come out to play.

Pinball Wall

Nothing beats the flashing lights and sounds of a good pinball machine. We collect and maintain a wide selection of machines from across pinball history including classic like The Addams Family, Blackout, Revenge from Mars, Class of 1812, Twilight Zone and many more from Williams, Stern, Gottlieb, Sega et al. Pinball fans will not be disappointed.

Games Collection

@ Arcade Club Bury

We have hundreds of well maintained and enjoyable classic arcades at Bury ready for you to enjoy. All on free play!