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Europe’s Largest Video Arcade

We’re proud to have the largest collection of video arcade games in Europe. Spread across three floors of gaming heaven, experience the long lost classics (yes, it’s still that hard), dance floors, rhythm games, bizarre rarities and brand new imports you wont find anywhere else. All lovingly cared for by our team and made available to you, free to play. There’s more than 300 games and attractions at Bury alone... And growing!

Essential Visitor Information

With fresh lockdown measures in place from Wednesday, Arcade Club is now closed until further notice.

Stay safe and be cool to one another. This too shall pass…

Best Wishes,

The Arcade Club Team

Bury Games Collection

Hundreds of arcades to enjoy in Bury

The original Arcade Club in Bury houses more than 300 classic and modern arcades – all on free play! Below is just a handful of games to explore. Note: we regularly rotate machines in to and out of service while maintaining the sheer volume for our guests to enjoy. Ask us about a particular you want to play!

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