You are a highly trained solder whose mission is to annihilate the enemy and rescue important captives. To do this you must destroy the enemy base, which is said to be impregnable.

A special version of the game called Space Invasion was made and released specifically for West Germany. The only differences made other than the title were the changing of the human soldiers into robots.


Your weapons consist of a machine gun with unlimited shots and a limited supply of hand grenades, these may be replenished by stealing from the enemy.

How to Play

Use the joystick to manuever the player, the fire button to shoot the machine gun and the grenade button to hurl hand grenades. Dodge all bullets and grenades and do not collide with the enemy soldiers!

Extra lives are awarded for exceeding certain scores. Score more points for destroying enemy leaders and their headquarters. Bonus points are awarded for rescuing captives.

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