Crazy Kong



Save the lady!

That crazy monkey has carried off your girlfriend. You've got to climb ladders, ride elevators and not get hit by barrels, fireballs and mudpans while trying to reach the top of the screen and rescue your girlfriend.

  • 2 Player
  • Platformer
Crazy Kong is also known as Congorilla, Crazy Kong Part II, Donkey King, and Monkey Donkey.


Although commonly believed to be a bootleg version, the game was officially licensed for operation in Japan when Nintendo couldn't keep up with demand at home, and is based on different hardware. The game retains all of the gameplay elements of Donkey Kong, but has all of the graphics redrawn and re-colorised.

How to Play

Crazy Kong plays very much like Donkey Kong with a few extras thrown in. If something moves, don't touch it. If it doesn't move, it's either a hammer for bashing barrels or a bonus item for picking up.

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