Galaga ’88



That's Galactic Dancin'!

The third sequel for Galaxian, featuring significantly improved graphics over the previous games in the series, including detailed backgrounds, larger enemies and greater ship details.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
Fans were split for years on whether the title is pronounced "Gah-Lag-Uh" or "Gal-Uh-Guh". A Midway staffer later confirmed that its pronounced the former way.


Galaga '88 introduces a variety of new enemies and behaviours. Most of these special enemies are worth varying amounts of bonus points when destroyed. Some enemies can combine into larger enemies which take multiple hits to destroy, while others arrive in eggs, explode in a shower of fireworks, grow with multiple hits, or sport armour which makes them invincible while in formation. Certain enemies drop small formations of tiny creatures that wiggle their way down the screen, and still others can act as escorts to incoming groups of enemies and then quickly dive at the player before leaving the game. Most stages also include various obstacles which appear when the enemy formation has been assembled.

How to Play

The objective is to shoot all 40 enemies before they disappear, for a bonus of at least 10,000 points. There are a total of 29 stages. The player can begin with one ship with two in reserve or start right out with a dual ship (but only one in reserve).

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