Pac-man Plus

Pac-Man Plus is a classic arcade game that has captivated players for decades with its addictive gameplay and iconic characters. Developed by Namco, this enhanced version of the original Pac-Man offers new challenges, power-ups, and surprises that add an extra layer of excitement to the beloved maze-chomping adventure.


In Pac-Man Plus, players control the iconic yellow character, Pac-Man, as he navigates through mazes filled with pellets, power pellets, and ghosts. The objective remains the same: eat all the pellets while avoiding the ghosts to advance to the next level.

However, Pac-Man Plus introduces new elements that spice up the gameplay. Some pellets may have different effects when consumed, such as speeding up Pac-Man, making him temporarily invincible, or even reversing the controls. These power-ups add an unexpected twist and require players to adapt their strategies on the fly.

How to Play

Playing Pac-Man Plus is a nostalgic and thrilling experience that takes you back to the arcade era. Your goal is to guide Pac-Man through mazes, gobbling up pellets and avoiding ghosts to clear each level.

Take control of Pac-Man and manoeuvre him through the maze using the joystick or arrow keys. Your primary objective is to eat all the pellets while avoiding contact with the ghosts. Be careful not to let the ghosts touch Pac-Man, or you'll lose a life.

Keep an eye out for power pellets, which temporarily grant Pac-Man the ability to eat ghosts. When you consume a power pellet, the ghosts turn blue and become vulnerable. Use this opportunity to chase and eat them for extra points.

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