Pinball: The Adams Family

The Addams Family is a pinball machine designed by Pat Lawlor and released by Midway Games (under the Bally label) in 1992. It is widely regarded as one of the best pinball machines of all time and is highly sought after by collectors and players alike.


The theme of The Addams Family is the classic television series and films of the same name, and the playfield features a number of ramps and targets inspired by the quirky and macabre world of the Addams family. The game also includes several game modes, including a "Multiball" mode where players attempt to score big points by hitting various targets and a "Thing" mode where players interact with the Addams' disembodied hand.

The Addams Family is known for its innovative design and technical features, including a unique "Power Swing" mechanism, a magnetic ball lock, and a number of playfield toys, adding to the fun and replayability of the game. The game also features a high-energy sound track and intense gameplay that have made it a classic among pinball enthusiasts.

The Addams Family is highly sought after by collectors and players, and is considered one of the best pinball machines of the 90s. It remains one of the highest-earning pinball machines of all time, and is still widely played and enjoyed today.

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