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Pop'n Music (ポップンミュージック Poppun Myūjikku), commonly abbreviated as Pop'n, PM or PNM and stylized as pop'n music, is a music video game series in the Bemani series made by the Konami Corporation. The games are known for their bright colors, upbeat songs, and cute cartoon character graphics.

  • 2 Player
  • Rhythm


Unlike most of Konami's Bemani series, the Pop'n Music interface is not designed to represent any actual musical instrument. Instead, it uses nine buttons, each three-and-a-half-inches in diameter, laid out in two rows. Five buttons are the bottom row, the other four being the top.

How to Play

Like in most Bemani games, color-coded notes (in this game called "Pop-kun" (ポップ君) and anthropomorphized with faces) fall from the top of the screen in nine columns that correspond to the buttons. When a note reaches the red line at the bottom of the screen, the player presses the button, which triggers a sound within the song.

When a note is played, an accuracy rating is displayed, either "Great", "Good", or "Bad". The maximum amount of points possible in any single-stage song is 100,000, and unlike beatmania or beatmania IIDX, can not be exceeded as no additional score bonuses are given.

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Available On

Floor Two

Modern Arcade

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