Raiden III



The Legendary Shooter Returns

Years after the invasion, Earth has been left in peace, as the invasion has been a past event. But, however, the deranged Cranassians manage to invade Earth, again, this time, overrunning the planet. But yet again, the Raiden mk-II and Raiden mk-IIβ is called back into action and blast into the sky, to rid the insane invaders of Earth once again.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter


Players once again take control of the famous Raiden mk-II, red for player 1 and blue for player 2 as usual; there are no selectable ships. Two player mode is enhanced by an exclusive new attack: a beam that is usable whenever one player lines up in front of the other.

How to Play

The ship fires simultaneously with two weapons: the main weapon and the sub-weapon. Weapons have a power level, which increases by collecting individual powerups. In addition there are bombs that fill more or less the whole screen, harming enemies and dissolving all enemy shots. At the beginning of the game or after the player dies, the default weapons are a three-way Vulcan, a marked increase of firepower over the one-way Vulcan of the previous Raiden games, no secondary weapon and three bombs.

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