Super Space Invaders '91

Super Space Invaders '91 catapults players into an intergalactic battle against relentless alien invaders. Developed by Taito, this classic arcade game delivers an upgraded and exhilarating experience from the iconic Space Invaders series. As a lone space pilot, you must navigate your spacecraft through a hailstorm of enemy fire, defeat waves of invaders, and ultimately save humanity from their extraterrestrial threat.


The game builds upon the original Space Invaders concept by introducing enhanced graphics, power-ups, and new gameplay elements. Armed with a powerful laser cannon, players must navigate their spacecraft horizontally across the screen, avoiding enemy fire while unleashing destruction upon the alien invaders.

The gameplay centres around precision shooting and strategic movement. The alien invaders descend from the top of the screen in intricate patterns, relentlessly launching projectiles towards the player's spacecraft. It's up to you to manoeuvre through the chaos, avoiding enemy fire and eliminating as many invaders as possible.

How to Play

Playing Super Space Invaders '91 requires precise shooting, strategic movement, and quick reflexes. Here's a guide on how to defend Earth from the alien invasion:

Prepare for an intense battle in the depths of space as you confront the alien invasion head-on. Your precision shooting and strategic movement

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