Time Pilot ’84



Further Into Unknown World

Time Pilot '84: Further Into Unknown World is the sequel to Time Pilot. The player pilots a craft over many time periods. Unlike the original which told the year of each level, the new time periods are designated by new enemies and different colours.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
A Time Pilot '84 unit appears in the 1986 movie 'Maximum Overdrive'.


Continuing where Time Pilot left off, Time Pilot '84 is set only over futuristic alien cityscapes. Each level features unique ships. Each level ends with the same boss, a large saucer that shoots guided missiles.

How to Play

There are a large number of enemy types in the game. They each have varying movement patterns, difficulty, and point values. The first button is used to fire a standard shot, which can destroy green-coloured enemies. The second button is used to fire missiles, which can destroy the silver-coloured enemies. You need to lock on to a silver enemy to fire missiles at it. Destroying enough green enemies brings out a large silver "boss" enemy that must be dispatched before advancing to the next level.

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