Visitor Information

Important Information Before You Visit

We have enhanced sanitisation procedures and implemented additional measures for your safety. Please follow the guidelines below for your safety and the safety of others whilst you visit and we hope you have an amazing day.

Visitor Guidelines

  1. Please do not enter if you have displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been told to isolate.
  2. There will be hand sanitiser available throughout the venue.
  3. We are no longer table service only. Please feel free to enjoy food or drink purchased from the bars anywhere in the arcade.
  4. We are no longer asking for visitors to social distance, however, out of courtesy we kindly ask that you respect those around you and their own personal choices. With this in mind, where possible please try to make space for others so they can social distance if they choose to.
  5. Face-masks and coverings are no longer legally required, but please be respectful of others that still choose to wear them.
  6. Stay safe, be cautious and please respect other people....but just as importantly, HAVE FUN AT ARCADE CLUB!!