Centipede Chaos

Ataris Classic Game Reborn!

Centipede Chaos is a thrilling and fast-paced arcade game that puts players in the midst of an intense battle against an army of relentless centipedes. Developed by Atari, Centipede Chaos offers a modern twist on the classic Centipede gameplay, delivering non-stop action, strategic shooting, and an immersive visual experience.


In Centipede Chaos, players take control of a powerful turret tasked with defending the garden from waves of invading centipedes, spiders, and other creepy-crawly creatures. Armed with an array of powerful weapons and power-ups, players must shoot, dodge, and strategise to survive the chaos and achieve high scores.

The game features vibrant and colourful graphics, with detailed environments that bring the garden to life. Players must navigate the terrain and strategically position their turret to effectively eliminate the oncoming centipedes. As the centipedes descend closer, players must aim with precision and anticipate their movements to unleash devastating firepower.

How to Play

Playing Centipede Chaos is intuitive and fast-paced. Players control the turret using the joystick to move horizontally and vertically across the screen. The turret automatically shoots at the oncoming centipedes and other enemies, but players can enhance their firepower with power-ups.

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