Remember, don't shoot food!

In this fantasy adventure maze game, there are four different player characters who each have different powers and/or weapons.

  • 1985
  • Atari
  • 4 Players
  • Action
The player characters in the game are also known respectively as Thor (the Warrior), Questor (the Elf), Merlin (the Wizard) and Thydra (the Valkyrie).


The Warrior who wields a battle axe the Elf who carries a bow and arrows the Wizard who uses magic and the Valkyrie who uses a sword and a shield.

How to Play

The four players move through mazes searching for various items and killing monsters. The Warrior does the most damage. The Elf does the least damage but is the fastest. The Wizard can do the most damage with potions. The Valkyrie is a good combination of strength and speed. Potions found wipe out varying amounts of enemies and enemy generators, depending on which player uses it. A player starts with a certain number of health points by putting quarters in the machine. These tick down with time and damage from enemies. Food replenishes them. Treasure counts for points. The game has no ultimate goal to be reached.

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