Manx TT Super Bike



Welcome to the NEXT SPEED LEVEL.

Race to defeat all challengers in the motorcycle game of the century.

  • 8 Player
  • Racing
There is a code that you may input before the race begins that, if successful, replaces your sleek motorcycle with a furry sheep!


Race around two circuits; the Laxey Coast, the shorter, easier route that runs from Ramsay via Laxey into Douglas, and the full TT Course, which is modelled on the real thing. Take your time, learn the tracks and you'll be dragging your knee in no time.

How to Play

Climb aboard the realistic motorcycle controller, which is loosely based on the Honda RC45. It tilts left and right, allowing the rider to lean and steer the bike. When designed, it was carefully balanced so that riders could put their feet up on the footpegs, giving a more realistic feel and allowing racers to weight the pegs to aid control.

The controls will be familiar to any motorcyclist. A quick-action twistgrip throttle gives instant thrust, while a brake lever is a short reach away for when you overcook that bend. Choose Manual mode and use the thumb-operated quickshifter to move through the gearbox.

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