Star Wars



This is Red Five… I’m going in!

Enter the battle at lightspeed and blast TIE Fighters for the Rebel Alliance! Use the force and glide through deep-space into the Death Star’s trenches! With the Empire in your crosshairs and the trigger in your hands, the fate of the galaxy will be decided by you in STAR WARS Arcade!

  • 1 Player
  • Shooter
Like Battlezone (1980) before it, which helped to popularise wire-frame 3D, the action on screen is rendered in 3D vector graphics characteristic of Atari during the era.


STAR WARS is a first-person space-combat shooter released by Atari in 1983. Based on the iconic Death Star assault sequence from the original film, the game simulates Luke Skywalker’s flight in an X-Wing, blasting through waves of TIE fighters and fireballs before flying into the station’s trenches. The round ends when a shot is fired into the exhaust port, after which the sequence is repeated with increasing difficulty.

The player sits in the cockpit of an X-Wing equipped with a flight controller, two triggers and two buttons, used in turn to navigate the ship and fire its lasers. The action on screen is rendered in 3D vector graphics characteristic of Atari during the era. Evolving past the green-line vectors of games like Battlezone (1980), STAR WARS is presented in full colour. These revelatory 3D graphics, coupled with the voices of major characters, sound effects and themes, help to intensify the experience and capture the spirit of the film.

STAR WARS was one of Atari’s last colour vector cabinets. It’s at once a fully realised and engaging space-flight simulation; a thrilling childhood fantasy brought to life; and a celebration of the straight lines and exploding pixels that made Atari legendary.

How to Play

Pull the trigger to start the game.

Select a Death Star. This determines the starting level of difficulty

EASY (Wave 1)

MEDIUM (Wave 3)

HARD (Wave 5).

Control the position of crosshairs on screen by moving the controller. Point at enemy ships, fireballs and weapons, and destroy them using the trigger. Use your flying skill to manoeuvre in space and shake off the enemy.

If you get hit or collide, your SHIELD will decrease. The battle is lost when the SHIELD reaches zero.

Receive a bonus for remaining energy at the end of the round and this will add to your SCORE. Get a bigger bonus for destroying a harder Death Star.

The WAVE is displayed as a number on screen, and this represents the current stage. Fire a shot into the exhaust port of the Death Star to move onto the next WAVE.

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