Metal Gear Arcade



Tactical Online Action

Metal Gear Arcade is a reworked, networked, coin-op iteration of Metal Gear Online. Players are able to fight it out in Co-op with local machines or take it online to fight against other players across the globe.

  • 16 Player
  • Stealth Action
Metal Gear Arcade's files contain two maps which were not playable. Both of these maps seem to be mostly finished, other than missing some elements such as AI paths. Icebound Inferno, which was featured in Metal Gear Online 2, was not available for play. Eastern Europe, a previously unseen map, is based on Act 3 in Metal Gear Solid 4.


Metal Gear Arcade is a 3-D arcade version of Metal Gear Online. Players can team up with local machines to take on AI opponents or players can take on other players located around the globe.

How to Play

To play Metal Gear Arcade, players must wear a pair of 3D-VR goggles which tracks the direction of your head to change your in game viewpoint.

Players are also equipped with a physical gun controller which contains a joystick, allowing users to 'run and gun' their enemies down.

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