Snow Bros



Challenge to be the CHAMP OF SNOWBALL GAME

Two snowmen, Nick and Tom, battle cute Japanese critters over 50 platform based screens. Turn the enemy critters into snowballs and then boot them around the platforms knocking down everything in their path.

  • 2 Player
  • Action

How to Play

Shoot snow at monsters to turn them into snowballs. Press the fire button next to a snowball to kick it around the screen. Any monsters hit by a snowball are killed. If another snowball is hit, it too bounces around the screen.

Killing all the monsters on a level with a single snowball causes money bonuses, worth 10,000 points, to fall down, but sometimes a glowing cake bonus will appear instead. When the cake is collected, the game stops and four blue snowball creatures appear for a short time. If these enemies are killed, they each provide a letter: "S","N","O" or "W". Collect all four of these letters for an extra life. The glowing cake can also appear at other times during the game.

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