Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Who’s bad?!

Moonwalk down night street and bring the criminals to justice with your powers! Perform dance magic in the neon light as you save the children from the evil Mr Big! Deep down in your heart you know that you’ll share a magical adventure if you come to play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker!

  • 1990
  • Sega
  • 3 Players
  • Action, Shooter, Brawler, Maze, Mixed
Up to three players can join in with the fun, all playing as Michael Jackson in a different coloured suit.


Moonwalker is an isometric beat-em up designed by Michael Jackson himself and based on the film of the same name. Taking a break from performing in front of millions of fans, the King of Pop finds himself in a white suit and fedora, dancing through the amusement quarter in an attempt to save children who have been taken hostage by an evil criminal named Mr Big. Up to three players can join in with the fun, all playing as Michael Jackson in a different coloured suit.

Each round starts with a map of the area, which shows the locations of hostages that you must rescue from the nightclubs and video stores that illuminate the night city. Bubbles, MJ’s pet chimp, makes an appearance on each stage, and collecting him transforms Michael into a gigantic robot with twin laser beams. Defeat all enemies on screen to progress, and you’ll eventually moonwalk out of the city through forests and graveyards into the criminals’ hideout.

Thematically more consistent than the film, the game still throws a wild assortment of fantasy elements into the soft-noir mix as robots coexist with magic, ghosts and zombies. An atmosphere of blue smoke and alleyways comes straight from Smooth Criminal and the eclectic mix is representative of his other theatrical music videos from the 80s. Michael Jackson’s dance fantasy is filled with the tropes of children’s science fiction and fantasy, but manages to form a world that’s as unique as it is bizarre.

How to Play

Control Michael Jackson with the joystick.

Press the fire button to use your magic energy and bring the enemy to justice.

Perform dance magic to clear all enemies.

You’ll lose a life if your energy meter reaches zero.

Each stage ends with a boss who must be defeated to move on.

Find Bubbles, your pet chimp, to transform into a robot.

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