Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker



Who’s bad?!

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is a 1990 video game loosely based on the movie Moonwalker, conceived and designed by Michael Jackson, featuring songs by Michael Jackson, starring Michael Jackson, and developed by Sega.

  • 3 Player
  • Action, Shooter, Brawler, Maze, Mixed
The game design for Moonwalker was actually done by Michael Jackson himself.


During each round, Michael must fight off each and every one of Mr. BIG's henchmen as well as the deadly enemy machines by shooting them with his magical energy or by using his Dance Magic. Some enemies take only one shot to defeat but some of them take several shots to destroy. The longer you hold down on the fire button, the greater the amount of energy Michael can shoot. If Michael uses his Dance Magic, all the enemies on the screen will dance along with him and then they will all be eliminated. However, you are usually only given two Dance Magics at a time.

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