The future of law enforcement

Fight your way through the streets of Detroit cleaning up crime and corruption.

After Ocean Software secured the Robocop license, they sub-licensed it to Data East who created the coin-op game. Ocean then ported the game to various home computers.


Based on the film Robocop, play as officer Alex Murphy, killed in the line of duty, but resurrected as a cyborg police officer. Following his Prime Directives (#1 Serve the Public Trust. #2 Protect the Innocent. #3 Uphold the Law. #4 CLASSIFIED) you'll embark on a first person shooter, taking on a variety of missions to uncover a new drug that's been spreading among the city. To get the evidence you need, you'll need to shoot through bad guys, arrest the criminals that give up and rescue any civilians who are too close to the line of fire.

How to Play

USing a joystick and buttons, take on a series of enemies with only your fists. As you progress you will be armed with a gun and the ability to pick up power-ups as you venture deeper into the story.

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