Silent Scope



You're the professional!

The American First Family, including the President of the United States, returns from a function in Chicago, Illinois when their convoy is ambushed by terrorists. In the resulting confusion, the terrorists manage to capture the entire First Family, and are demanding the release of their leader (the dictator) in exchange for the safe return of the president. Washington officials have decided to resolve the problem quietly, using military force.

  • 1 Player
  • Gun Game


Using a mounted sniper-rifle peripheral, you can see targets up close and personal through the scope, or view them from a great distance on the arcade monitor. Taking out the enemies is tricky business, however. If you wait too long, you will be spotted and draw fire. If you are careless with your aim and miss, they will home in on your position. You will also have to monitor your ammunition carefully or you will be gunned down while reloading your rifle.

How to Play

Each mission has a tough boss enemy that requires a great deal of skill to take down. Your life meter will go down each time you are hit or accidentally kill an innocent by-stander. You can restore lost health by being a voyeur and sighting "interesting" side events.

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