Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars



Experience Gravity Like Never Before!

Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars is the third instalment in the Sound Voltex Series. and one of five released in the series. Sound Voltex III: Gravity Wars is a game with overwhelming gravity of speed and a way to experience gravity like never before!

  • 1 Player
  • Rhythm
Players can switch to a Hi-speed mode by pressing and holding the start button whilst also turning the analog dials.


The main objective of the game is to fill the 'filling rate' to reach the 'clear zone'. The user fills the bar by correctly timing their button hits once they have passed over the 'critical line'. In order to clear the stage, players must fill the 'effective rate' bar by at least 70%.

How to Play

There are 3 basic moves to the game. Players must follow the blue and red lines on the screen by turning the two analog dials, turning slowly for slightly slanted lines and quick spins for sharp turns. Timing the hits and twists correctly will fill the 'effective rate'.

When a long orange bar appears, users must press and hold the pink FX buttons and time the hits for shorter orange objects.

The blue BT buttons are to be hit when short, white objects hit the critical line and must be held for the longer white bars.

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