Strike Force

They're big, they're green, they're powerful

22 human colonies on the galactic frontier are stricken by the Saurian menace, a reptilian alien species which promptly sets about attacking all planets in the sector, mutating and enslaving the hapless colonists. An emergency strike force has been assembled to repel the invaders, with the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy's supreme battleship

  • 1991
  • Midway
  • 2 Players
  • Action


You also command a small army of space marines in jet-powered battle suits, which can be deployed to collect power-ups, retrieve colonists and add to your firepower. Two simultaneous players may engage the enemy side by side.

How to Play

The basic premise remains two-way horizontally scrolling action as you fly your Aerial Jet Fighter over the planets' surfaces, attacking the invaders and protecting the colonists. Added to your arsenal are a new array of selectable weapons, from mines and homing rockets to devastating air-strikes and atomics; these can be restocked at the interstellar supply center.

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