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MÚSECA is part of the BEMANI line of arcade music video games. In addition to the basic rhythm game elements, the player can earn "Grafica" illustrations that provide the player with power-ups. Graficas are illustrated by a variety of artists, giving each one a very unique feel.

  • 1 Player
  • Rhythm
In the first few location tests, Grafica were triggered manually, by stepping on the pedal. This was changed from a later location test onwards: each Grafica now triggers automatically in set segments during the song, and the pedal is now used for Kick Objects.


The main concept of MÚSECA is "music game × illustration". This motif was heavily apparent throughout the initial release of MÚSECA, but the Renovation update (which would later become an append version of the game) toned down many of these elements in order to make for a more traditional music game experience while trying to keep the core motif relevant.

How to Play

The MÚSECA cabinet has a foot pedal and five spinners, which can be pressed, held, or rotated, depending on the note type. Like Guitar Hero, notes appear from the background in the centre of the screen and travel towards the judgement line. Notes are also colour-coded depending on the input device they are associated with (blue for the top three spinners, yellow for the bottom two spinners, and white/red for the foot pedal).

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