Nerdcon at Arcade Club!

Wednesday August 17th

An exciting new event hosted at Europe's largest arcade...

If you wanted to recreate the golden years of arcade gaming, the 80's how would you do it?

Hire Arcade Club, that's how.

Welcome to Nerdcon!

Previously we've had a load of middle aged gamers from around the UK who met online, came together in Blackpool at a hotel bar, enjoyed a visit to an arcade, followed by beers, games, geek, nerd talk, at a curry house, ending with more beers in a hotel reception. It worked. But then we thought 'how could we make this better? Level it up?'

Hold it at Arcade Club. That's how.

Which is exactly what we're doing this year. Bringing the same Nerdcon vibe but levelling it up. Not only are we all set to have 4 floors of the best classic games, but there's also a fully stacked itinerary of gaming challenges, industry royalty speakers, nerd networking sessions, giveaways and interactive debates.

When Comic Con started in 1972 they only had 300 attend. Last CC had 70,000. And as all gamers know you must start your quest somewhere.

On 17th August all roads lead to Arcade Club, Bury for the first ever Nerdcon.

We would love to see you. All VIP tickets have sold out, but there are some standard tickets left.   

We'd love you to be part of this unique event. Play old games, make new friends. Oh yea - we're also giving away a brand new PS5 Horizon West bundle to one lucky attendee.

Be part of gaming. History.

What's more..Book today and you will be entered into the draw to take home that PS5!