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Refurbishing Arcade Royalty: The Quirky Quest to Restore Space Ace and Dragon's Lair Cabinets

In the realm of arcade restorations, tackling a Space Ace or Dragon's Lair cabinet is akin to refurbishing the crown jewels—albeit with more 80's tech and far fewer security guards. These cabinets are not just arcade games; they're time capsules from an era when hair was big, pants were tight, and gameplay was unforgiving. The challenge of restoring these pieces to their former glory lies not just in the craftsmanship but in doing justice to the legendary artwork of Don Bluth and ensuring the game's aesthetic elements are pixel-perfect….

Tekken 8 Launch Party: As it Happened

An Amazing Day that Underlined the Importance of Community

Arcade Club in Bury played host to a spectacular Tekken 8 launch party last weekend, marking a momentous occasion for fans of the franchise. The day was highlighted by a colossal 128-player tournament, showcasing the best of the best in the latest instalment of the iconic fighting game series. The competition was fierce, but it was Niam Raeb who emerged victorious, claiming the top spot in a display of skill and strategy that captivated the audience.

Refurbishing a Classic Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet: A Journey of Revival

Ah, Pac-Man – the little yellow circle that could. For those of you who might not know (and let's be honest, there's probably only three of you, including my grandma), Pac-Man is more than just a game; it's a cultural icon. Born in the golden age of arcades, this little guy chomping dots and evading ghosts has captured hearts since 1980. It's a game so famous, it makes Hollywood stars look like shy wallflowers at a high school dance.

Ridge Racer: The Birth and Boom of an Arcade Sensation

Ridge Racer, a name that resonates with a potent mix of nostalgia and adrenaline among arcade racing enthusiasts, emerged as a groundbreaking force in the early 90s, redefining what arcade racing games could be. This article, "Ridge Racer Unleashed: Exploring the Legacy of a Racing Game Icon," is dedicated to unraveling the storied history of this iconic game, with a particular focus on its celebrated arcade version.

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