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Arcade Club: Preserving the Past with a New Gun for Quick and Crash

Here at Arcade Club, our mission is not just to provide a space for fun and games, but to preserve the legacy of arcade gaming for future generations. One of our most beloved attractions, the classic game Quick and Crash, has always been a hit with visitors. However, maintaining this popular game recently presented us with a unique challenge: the need to create a new gun to replace the original, for which spare parts are no longer available.


Celebrating Nostalgia: A Recap of the Annual Williams Defender Meet

This past weekend marked another milestone for arcade gaming enthusiasts as we celebrated the annual Williams Defender Meet, hosted by the passionate community at Defender Players Unite. For several years now, this vibrant group has brought together fans of the classic arcade game Defender, and each year, the event has grown more popular and dynamic.

The Monkey Who Became a Donkey

In the hallowed halls of video game lore, few stories tickle the funny bone quite like the saga of how Nintendo’s iconic ape got his name. "Donkey Kong," a title that has puzzled and entertained gamers worldwide, owes its existence to a blend of linguistic mishaps and clever wordplay. Gather 'round, fellow gamers, for a tale of translation gone awry and the creative genius of a certain Shigeru Miyamoto.

Who You Gonna Call?

We're thrilled to announce that Arcade Club has had the incredible honour of supplying two original arcade cabinets to the production of the new Ghostbusters film!

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