Euro Football Champ

You feel a soccer game more exciting than ever!

Play as one of 8 national teams and go head to head to become the Euro football champ!

  • 1992
  • Taito
  • 2 Players
  • Sports
In the export version, USA and Japan are replaced by Spain and France


The player must first choose one of eight national football teams, followed by a star player from a choice of four available for each team. In the game, a win is needed to progress to the next game. A draw will end as a 'game over', with no option for penalties, but a chance to continue by restarting the game in which a win was not achieved.

Players also have the ability to play dirty using punches, flying kicks and shirt pulling. Players can get away with this without giving away a free kick as long as the referee was either far enough away or knocked onto the floor. The referee punishes every foul with a yellow card. Red cards occur at the third, seventh and eleventh fouls, although every so often the game appears to miscount. No fourth red card is given by the referee. Besides the rough play, the game introduced the super shot, which occurs with 30 seconds remaining or less and when the score is tied or the player is losing by 1 goal. The star player chosen kicks a shot that pushes the goalkeeper into the stands.

How to Play

Using an 8-way joystick for directional movements, players use two buttons for both the attacking phase and defensive phases.

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