Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is a classic arcade fighting game developed by Capcom. It was released in 1991 and became one of the most popular and iconic fighting games of all time.

  • 1991
  • Capcom
  • 2 Players
  • Fighting
  • Available At
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior has been re-released and remade multiple times, and remains a popular and iconic game to this day.


The game features 8 selectable characters, each with their own unique fighting style, moves, and special attacks. 

The game is known for its well-designed characters, smooth animations, and diverse fighting styles. The graphics and sound effects were state-of-the-art for its time and helped to popularise the fighting game genre.

Gameplay in "Street Fighter II" involves one-on-one battles between two characters. Players use a variety of buttons to perform normal attacks, special moves, and throws.

How to Play

The objective is to defeat the other characters and become the champion of the World Warrior tournament.

The controls consist of a joystick and 6 buttons: 3 for punches and 3 for kicks. The game also introduces several mechanics that would become staples in the fighting game genre, such as the ability to block, combo system, and the use of special moves.

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