Gradius III

The Third installment of this classic series

Gradius III is an iconic arcade shooter that immerses players in a thrilling space battle against hordes of enemy forces. Developed by Konami, Gradius III offers intense action, strategic gameplay, and a mesmerising sci-fi atmosphere that captivates players from start to finish.


In Gradius III, players assume the role of a skilled spaceship pilot, commanding the Vic Viper, a powerful star fighter, in a mission to save the galaxy from the invading Bacteria Empire. The game features fast-paced side-scrolling shooting gameplay, putting players' reflexes, strategy, and firepower to the test.

Players navigate through a series of challenging levels set in space and alien environments, encountering waves of enemy ships, obstacles, and powerful boss encounters. The Vic Viper is equipped with an array of weapons, including lasers, missiles, and a force field, which can be upgraded by collecting power-ups scattered throughout the levels.

How to Play

Playing Gradius III requires fast reflexes, strategic thinking, and precise control. Players pilot the Vic Viper spaceship using the joystick and buttons.

The objective is to navigate through each level, shooting down enemies and avoiding obstacles and enemy fire. The Vic Viper is equipped with a default weapon, but additional weapons and power-ups can be obtained by collecting power-up capsules dropped by certain enemies.

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