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Groove Coaster is a iOS rhythm game developed by Matrix Software and released by Taito Corporation on July 28, 2011. An arcade version of Groove Coaster (known as Rhythmvaders in some areas outside Japan) is released in 2013, with the touchscreen replaced by two giant controllers called "BOOSTER" with a white button on each.

  • 1 Player
  • Rhythm
Groove Coaster is sometimes referred to as “Glucose” by English-speaking fans, a named derived from the series’ Japanese name, クルコス (gurukosu)


An arcade port of the original iOS rhythm game of the same name. Groove Coaster replaces the touch screen controls of it’s predecessor in favour of two large joystick-like controllers known as “Boosters” with a white button on each. The game was designed to combine the precision and accuracy, which are fundamental to the music game genre, with the thrill of riding a rollercoaster track.

How to Play

When the avatar reaches the target, input the command that the target requires. After a target is hit, a judgment is received, from the highest to lowest: GREAT, COOL, GOOD and MISS, depending on the timing of hitting the target. GREAT, COOL and GOOD fill the GROOVE gauge on the top of the screen, while MISS depletes it. The player is required to fill up at least 70% of the GROOVE gauge to clear the stage (the gauge will flash in white in iOS version, yellow in arcade version) when the song ends, otherwise fails it.

As the player continuously hits the target successfully, the CHAIN count will increase. FEVER is activated when CHAIN count reaches 10, and CHAIN amount acquired from each successful hit will be doubled in FEVER. In arcade version, TRANCE is activated when CHAIN count reaches 100, and CHAIN amount acquired from each successful hit will be quadrupled in TRANCE. However, if the player misses a target, the CHAIN count will be reset and FEVER or TRANCE will end.

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