Pac's Back

A fairy has lost her way and needs Pac-Man to help her get back to her home of Fairyland. Pac-Man, with the fairy safely hidden beneath his hat, must run and jump through the colourful world until he reaches and enters the magical door to Fairyland.

The graphics in Pac-Land resemble the art and animation from the Saturday morning animated series of the same name, and the game's theme music is also from the animated series.


Pac-Land itself is split into trips. In each of these trips the objective is to get the fairy (that is kept under Pac-man's hat) to Fairyland and also to return home to Pac-Man's house. The majority of the trip involves moving from left to right avoiding various obstacles such as the enemy ghosts, water spurts and quicksand traps.

How to Play

The arcade cabinet version of the game was unique in that, instead of a joystick, it had six plastic buttons, three for each player, although two players would alternate turns in a two-player game. Two buttons moved Pac-Man right and left while third made him jump.

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