Ikari Warriors



"Congraturations! You have rescured Colonel Cook and received 1,000,000 points."

Rambo meets Front Line in this popular classic that spawned several similar games, like Heavy Barrel, Time Soldiers, and Guerrilla War. The game could either be played by a single player or by two players simultaneously.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
The serious is notorious for its poorly translated and amusing ending text.


The goal is to reach the village of Ikari. Preventing the player from reaching the village are a slew of enemies like soldiers, tanks, helicopters, super tanks, and the terribly annoying "kamikaze soldiers". Each soldier is equipped with several different weapons including a semi-automatic machine gun, an automatic machine gun, grenades, and super grenades. To assist the players in their struggle are a number of power-ups that extended the players shots, allowed the player to shoot over obstacles, and super grenades.

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