maimai FiNALE

Believe the Rainbow

Maimai Finale is the final linstalmentment of the Maimai rhythm games. While rhythm is required, dancing and fancy foot skills are not!

  • 2018
  • Sega
  • 4 Players
  • Rhythm


Players must try to keep in rhythm attempting to clear the song by achieving a minimum score of 80%. Maimai's scoring system includes alphabetical ranks and a percentage score which is calculated based on number of 'Miss, Good, Great, Perfect and Critical perfect' notes. Achievements can also be earnt for not missing a single note (Full combo), achieving 'Perfect' or 'Critical Perfect' on every note or obtaining a 100% score on Sync Play.

How to Play

Various kinds of objects will appear at the centre and approach the outer rim of the circular screen. The player must tap, hold or slide on the touchscreen or surrounding buttons in time with the music, depending on the type of note.

The types of notes in the game includes:

Tap: A pink circular ring, requiring a single tap

Break: A red-yellow ring, requiring a single tap and gives more points than a TAP

Hold: A pink hexagonal bar, requiring holding for the entire length

Slide: A star followed by a path. The player must tap on the star, then slide along path following the star

Both: A combination of two tap, hold or slide notes, now coloured yellow

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