Slap Fight



The last word in planet combat

Taking place in the year 2059 in another galaxy, mankind has colonized an alien planet called Theon after evacuating a previously colonized planet Orac. Five years ago, the colony on Orac was attacked by alien invaders and the war was so intense, the colonists were forced to leave. However, Theon is now under attack by the same alien fleet, but the humans are ready. The player assumes the role of an Allied League of Cosmic Nations (ALCON) fighter pilot in the SW475 star fighter to stop the invaders from taking over Theon.

  • 1 Player
  • Shooter
Due to no obvious cause, a white "Space Invader" sometimes flies across the screen when you are approximately 60% through the game.


It takes its inspiration from Xevious (being a vertical scroller) and Gradius (from which it borrows its power-up system), and helps to establish Toaplan's trademark style. The game takes place in an Earth-type environment with metallic, land-based enemies; some are mobile armor and others are fortifications embedded in natural terrain.

How to Play

Certain enemies leave power-up stars upon destruction. Collecting these stars "turns on" an upgrade menu at the bottom of the screen and moves a lit cursor through the list of power-ups described below. If any power-up is lit, but a ship is lost before a power-up could be selected, the star is "carried over" and the Speed block is lit on the next life. Single hits to the unshielded main ship destroy it, and the player loses any accumulated upgrades including Speed. This can make successive lives difficult to keep in the heat of battle.

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