Power On! All Systems Go! Take Off!

Taking place somewhere in space: an armada of Gidans, led by the evil Dogurava, is invading the planet Borogo aboard five gargantuan asteroids. After surviving an attack on an orbiting Borogo cargo barge, a pilot enters one remaining fighter and challenges the Gidans in a desperate attempt to quell the alien invasion and divert their asteroid fortresses in the process.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter


Like many other scrolling shooters, the game is set in outer space, where the player takes control of a small spaceship across several planets.

How to Play

In its weakest state, your ship has a three-way spread gun that.

The weapons pickups are coloured. Red is the default weapon, while Green shots are powerful piercing lasers and Blue is a impressive lightning attacks which auto-aims at enemies. The most impressive weapon is the skull bomb. Functionally, it is a normal bomb that does heavy damage with a large radius and erases all enemy attacks upon use.

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