It's Parodius! -From Myth to Laughter!

Parodius Da! is a parody shoot'em up arcade game and is the second title in the Parodius Series produced by Konami.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
This game was only released in Asia. During the attract mode we are presented with a short history tour of the Nemesis-series as each of Parodius Da!' prequels are introduced to the player and to a whole bunch of penguins.


The gameplay is stylistically very similar to the Gradius Series, but the graphics and music are intentionally absurd.

Enemies and environments from the Gradius games and Twinbee are mixed in along, with a host of anime-style opponents, which include scantily-clad women. All of the Gradius elements are integrated in a very light-hearted fashion.

How to Play

Gameplay is very similar to the Gradius Series, with a few differences. Parodius Da! retains the selectability of different weapons configurations but implements via four different characters: Vic Viper (from Gradius), Octopus, Twin Bee, and Pentarou. The second main difference is the addition of bell power-ups, from the Twinbee series. These bells act as one-time power-ups, allowing you to destroy every enemy on screen, fire huge beams of energy, etc.

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