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Pop'n Music (ポップン ミュージック エクラル Poppun Myūjikku Ekuraru), commonly abbreviated as Pop'n, PM or PNM and stylized as pop'n music, is a music video game series in the Bemani series made by the Konami Corporation. The games are known for their bright colors, upbeat songs, and cute cartoon character graphics.

  • 1 Player
  • Rhythm


Pop'n Music éclale started after the events at Pop'n Music Lapistoria. Mimi and Nyami has been tasked by MZD to collect Sound Fragments. As told by him, if the Sound Fragments are not handled properly, then havoc will occur. So they accept his request and start their journey.

How to Play

Unlike most of Konami's Bemani series, the Pop'n Music interface is not designed to represent any actual musical instrument. Instead, it uses nine buttons, each three-and-a-half-inches in diameter, laid out in two rows. Five buttons are the bottom row, the other four being the top.

Players must hit each button in time with colours falling down their screen to accrue a score and pass the level.

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