Progear No Arashi

"Impossible! How could I have lost to a mere child?!"

Sometime in the past, the people of the country of Parts had found a way to become immortal, but only with elderly nobles. Five of these elders—Ballossum Pench, Gabriel Hammer, Jimchuck Spanner, Olsorro Slasher, and Leonard Drill—obtained immortality, and became known as the Motoruin sages. Eventually, they attempted to take over the Parts kingdom and start a new world order, collapsing the government and destroying parts of the country in the process. As their plans unfold, five children of one of these villages decide to battle the Motoruin using another new invention: the semi-automatic propelling engine, known as "Progear".

  • 2001
  • Cave
  • 2 Players
  • Shooter
  • Available At
Progear was Cave's only side scrolling shmup until the release of Deathsmiles in 2007.


Progear No Arashi (Storm of Progear) is CAVE's first horizontal scrolling shooter. The game takes place in a romantic fantasy of that era in history, when technological discoveries had just begun.

At the beginning of the game, the player chooses the plane he wants to fly: The Gambler or The Militant. The main difference between them is their speed and their shooting directions: Gambler shoots very wide and is slower, while the other one prefers more the straight shots but is faster in speed.

How to Play

In the game, continuous tapping the [A] button fires the main weapon. This playing style is called "Fighting" mode. Holding the same button makes the gun flyers lock on enemies and shoot them down. This mode is called "Gunner" mode. Like in many other games of this kind, you can upgrade the power of your weapons by collecting power-up items. Catching bomber items refills the stock of your smart bomb which can be released by pressing button [B]. In Progear it is a very powerful cannon that "drills" itself into the enemies.

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