R-Type Leo



It is a grand epic battle consisting of six stages in all.

The bio-computer system responsible for maintaining the artificial planet Eden - malfunctions, takes control of the planet's defenses and attacks mankind. It is now up to the recently developed R-9 variations, the Leo, to fly in and stop Major's assault on its creators.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
The same glob-like enemies seen near Major's control room can be seen in R-Type Delta during the stage Evil implying that the Bydo may have assimilated Major. However, this may just be a coincidence.


The black sheep in the series known as R-Type Leo was only released in Japanese arcades in 1992. Like Gallop before it, Leo not only lacks Force units, but also did away with Wave Cannons, focusing the gameplay on the Bit Devices. The charge meter still existed, filling automatically, and a full charge caused the Bits to rush off and slam into enemies, dealing a lot of damage. Other gameplay changes include instant resurrection if the ship was destroyed and simultaneous co-op.

How to Play

The new weapons are Force Bits (later identified in R-Type Final as "Psy Bits") which carry similar firepower to the main ship. The ship weapons are

Red - Claw Laser - a powerful horizontal laser beam and horizontal traverse wave

Blue - Mirror Laser - fires multiple, ricocheting lasers.

Green - Search Laser LRG - fires semi-homing lasers that can bend at 90° angles.

Unlike previous Bit Devices, the Psy Bits are capable of firing forward or backwards (the direction is controlled by movement of the ship itself). Finally, the Wave Cannon is replaced by a "Bit Shot", where the Psy Bits detach from the ship and collide with the nearest enemy at high velocity. The Bits can only do this for so long before running out of energy, and must be recalled to the ship to recharge.

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