Round Up 5 Super Delta Force



Pursue and round up the gang running away who commit atrocious crimes.

Drive over five stages to catch up with five escaping criminals.

  • 1 Player
As well as the Miami Vice-esque gameplay theme, Round Up also borrows the fork-in-the-road level design of the Taito classic; an idea that was itself taken from Sega's 1986 legend, "Out Run".


Round Up 5: Super Delta Force is a driving game based on ideas from Chase H.Q. and Out Run where you must drive over five stages to catch up with five escaping criminals. As you drive a fork in the road appears and you must decide which route to take which then decides which criminal you are going to attempt to catch.

How to Play

As you drive you must avoid hitting other vehicles or the side of the road as this will slow you down but you do have limited boosts to drive faster as you aim to get to the criminal within 60 seconds. Once you have caught up with the criminal the clock resets to 60 seconds and you retain all your boosts but he is surrounded by a large biker gang. You must knock down all the bikers before you can smash into the escaping criminal three times to arrest him. You now move to the next stage and catch the remaining criminals. If you run out of time at any point you can continue where you stopped.

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