Scud Race



More than you've ever dreamed of in a racing game!

Scud Race is a spiritual sequel to Daytona USA with very similar controls, HUD and visual style, exchanging NASCAR-style stock cars for GT supercars.

  • 8 Player
  • Racing
There is also an attract mode, which is not in the game, in which a red sports car runs in an Italian village and destroys the Roman Colosseum.


The game was modelled after the BPR Global GT Series (now known as the FIA GT Championship), featuring the cars of four prominent teams in the 1996 season. The game features four different courses of varying difficulty, though two are beginner level (daytime and nighttime). Just like Daytona USA, an arcade operator can put the game in Grand Prix or Endurance Mode for longer races.

How to Play

You choose from four cars, each with unique handling and performance parameters to accommodate all skill levels. You can choose from a Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari F40, Dodge Viper GRS-R, and a McLaren F1.

Controls are similar to other racing games with a steering wheel, gearstick and pedals.

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