Space Duel



Colour vector game where player's ship shoots coloured geometric shaped "asteroids", mines, enemy ships,

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
The game appears on the album cover of It's Hard by the Who. The was possibly the first video game to make it onto an album cover.


This game is a two-player colour version of Asteroids. It has two different modes of play: competitive and team. In competitive mode, each player competes for points. Players can shoot each other for bonus points, but they don't lose a ship. In team mode, the two players are attached together by a "filament". Each player's ship can move and shoot independently while still being attached.

How to Play

The player has five buttons: two to rotate the ship left or right, one to shoot, one to activate the thruster, and one for force field. Shooting all objects on the screen completes a level.

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